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The Big Red Box

Not only did I walk a box full of heavy metal 1 mile round the village and up Shrewton’s steepest hill (ok its the only hill but a hill is still a hill) but when I finally got home I put all the pieces together to produce one giant lockable red box.

This is going to eventually house one of my old laptops in the workshop which I intend to set up with remote access. This will then allow me to access all my files etc, like my music and many virtual projects where ever I am in the world (ok admittedly I never stray too far from home at the minute what with work and the like but you get the idea). But I also hope to finish making and set up my wildlife cameras around the place in time for spring. The plan is to then control these remotely from the Big Red Box too.

With all these high hopes for a workshop computer, I can’t help thinking it needs a name. I’m favouring D.A.V.E (Digital Advanced Villain Emulator) after the Ultimate Criminal Mastermind from Batman but obviously using it for good rather than evil unless I’m having a really bad day.


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I have been trying to get my Hornby installed in the workshop and do it in such away that the train rides along the length of the shelves.

With the pieces of track that I had it was evident that it was going to be pretty difficult to have a layout where two tracks would be able to run side by side. This prompted me to have a think and soon hit upon an idea involving the soldering of wires to the end of each stretch of track to join them all up thus completing the circuit.

This worked brilliantly for a while until the smell of burning plastic suddenly appeared. It looks as though its shorting something out maybe.

So in the meantime the workshop railway is only running on one stretch of track with plans to get the second one up and running shortly. Long term plans involve getting the railway to completely lap all the top shelves of the workshop.

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