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A little over a year ago, myself and Ev attempted to launch a camera into the sky with the help of one of my kites. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful – you can read the write up here. We came away however with some really useful pointers mainly to do with the overall weight of the thing.

I dug out a rather scratched, beat up PDA which still had a working camera, idea for the sky camera remake. I did some quick tests in the back garden (mainly padding it up and throwing it as high as I could before letting it crash land to earth) before we scooted into the city to visit our favourite kite flying field where Kestrel 2 was fixed to my largest kite and released. I didn’t see the results until I got home, and they were really impressive considering. Theres so many photographs to go through (the majority are of the kite as the camera was facing the wrong way!) but I have made a small album. Click here to see them.

Still room for improvement but I feel a huge step has been taken in getting closer to taking really great aerial photographs. Just need to make it look a little prettier.

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Kite Power

A very inspiring video indeed.

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