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This is a great little site offering a 3d printing service. Whether its customising one of its own models or designing and uploading your own, Shapeways will make it for you in a choice of materials. What a great prototyping site.

Shapeways 3d Printing

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How To Spot An Innovator

Theres a nice read over here at the BBC about how to spot an innovator.

How to spot an innovator

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Click here to be taken to the BBC’s splendid tour through 350 years of The Royal Society.

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Cardboard Cogs

I’ve always loved working with cardboard, I think its just so versatile. Hes a great little video of an installation by Saskia Freeke, Fin Kingma, Davy Jacobs, and Sonja van Vuurem. Click here to view it.

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