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I have been sitting on the task of cleaning out the workshop for too long now and during that time it has become somewhat of a dumping ground. It took me the majority of the day to empty and sort its contents and whilst it was interesting to see all the things I used to hoard years ago it was definitely time to say goodbye to it all.

Once emptied it was time to decide what form the new workshop was going to take and it is something I’ve been planning in my head for a couple of weeks now. I want it to be a productive work space whilst at the same time being a neat place to store the tools and Charlie’s garden toys.

The first step was to get the splendid wood draughtman’s drawing board sourced from Freecycleinstalled. It’s a rather big and heavy chap but it fits nicely in the corner. I also made some cupboards from scrap wood which I painted in amazing blackboard paint. If I had my way I would paint the whole house in the stuff, that way you could change the design of your wallpaper every week. The cupboards are still up a day later – I take this to be a good sign.

It still has a long way to go but the less enjoyable jobs are now out the way which is a relief. It is certainly a step up from my little corner five years ago.


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I have switched to the smaller Aduino Nano for use in my kite flight recorder and this has enabled me to squeeze it into a tiny box that makes it look so nice. It even glows blue when it’s processing data which is rather cool. To recap it takes the temperature and pressure and using a bit of crazy maths in the form of the Hypsometric equation and logs the highest and lowest temperature and altitude extremes.

I have noticed a bit of a problem with it and that is for it to accurately plot your correct starting altitude it needs to know the current pressure at sea level in order for the equation to work. However, this really doesn’t bother me too much as it can measure the height gained accurately.

Of course with anything I make my chief tester puts it through its paces out in the field. Click here to see the video of Charlie Chief Tester.

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This final week of Workshop Thursday features a beer bottle kept from a rather nice Steam themed evening with a friend. We drank Steam Beer whist watching Steam Boy which quickly became a favourite of mine.

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I have a few things on the go at the moment and s I’ve recorded a little update. This little video features my Arduino robot tutorial I put together for Instructables (that made it onto their front page) and what I made afterwards.

I also mention my kite project that is slowly taking shape now which is exciting. As you know I been wanting to fly a kite at high altitude recording data as it climbs for some time no, I’m finally putting things together as I’ve finally finished working things out on paper and the fun can really begin. More soon.

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Let’s make a kite camera rig. Check out my footage taken from my kite in the video below.

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We all know the best film trilogy is Back to the Future. Within my workshop, stored in various cupboards and on shelves is my collection of film memorabilia relating to these films. The photograph below shows what is currently piled up on my desk.

The collection has grown rather large over the years as more and more models, books and props are added. I particular like the car kits though I’m now a little scared to open up any more through fear of devaluing them. Charlie loves playing with my Deloreans however, I think its the doors he likes and as such I haven’t shown him my radio controlled one yet as he may go a little too crazy for it.

In an amongst the piles you will also discover a series of completed sticker books, signed production photographs as well as press packs handed out at the premiers. Its this part of the collection that I’m most proud of.

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Let’s start making the kite computer using arduino. This video shows how it records temperature.

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