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This final week of Workshop Thursday features a beer bottle kept from a rather nice Steam themed evening with a friend. We drank Steam Beer whist watching Steam Boy which quickly became a favourite of mine.

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I have a few things on the go at the moment and s I’ve recorded a little update. This little video features my Arduino robot tutorial I put together for Instructables (that made it onto their front page) and what I made afterwards.

I also mention my kite project that is slowly taking shape now which is exciting. As you know I been wanting to fly a kite at high altitude recording data as it climbs for some time no, I’m finally putting things together as I’ve finally finished working things out on paper and the fun can really begin. More soon.

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There is always a competition or two doing the rounds which encourage makers to see what things they can make which will fit inside an small Altoids tin. This is why you will always see a few dotted around my workshop. The majority of them are usually filled with wire and lights whilst others remain empty, waiting for the next challenge.

The tin on the right houses a nifty little radio jammer which will mask any FM frequency allowing you to highjack any radio station within a 500 (ish) metre radius. Perfect for when you are stuck in traffic jams as you can predict the majority of drivers will be listening to the BBC.

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